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Go-Seva - Your Sponsorship

Radha govinda Goshala was begun  in 1955 with ten milking Cows, but nowadays it has grown more than 2375 Cows, Bulls and Calves. Their number is growing every year. Small baby calves will soon grow into bulls and mothers, and their needs will also increase. As they grow and produce more milk for the benefit of human consumers, it is important to provide them more nourishment and care.

Secondly, this project aims to educate more devotees and the people in general on the importance of Go-Seva. Our "mothers" have been taking care of us for so many years; this is now the right time to return that kindness.

If Money is not your preferred mode of Goseva, then pleae feel free to serve physically or during holidays. You can also adopt a Gwala or a Yadava taking care of the cows and sponsor his education for books, and other essentials like clothes, and other necessities.

Bank Account

Name of the bank:Punjab national bank
Account Number:1287000100971514
Location:Jayanagar, Bangalore.

IFSC Code: PUNB0128700

Please send a Crossed draft (DD) or Cheque in the name of "Sri Sri Radha Govinda Goshala and Ashram", send it to the following address:
Kind Attention : Shri Harikrishna
#130,nelagulli village,off kanakpura road,bangalore south.bangalore-560082,Karnataka-India

Any one outside of India too can use the  above addrress to send the amount.

You can intimate us after crediting
the money in the account by e-mail or SMS to +91.9483961088 or +91 8095910888

Thank you for making your Donation. May the Mother Cow keep you blessed.

Thank you, we really appreciate your donation how much ever it is. May Kamadhenu protect Gosevaks eternally and give them peace of mind.

GoSeva Categories

Every month you can donate some little amount of money which is  affordable by you and make Go-Seva a life time service to Krishna, Subhadra and Balaram's Cows.

Donate a cow and calf

Rs. 65,000

Build a new cowshed

Rs. 1,60,000

Sponsor a cow a year

Rs. 1,00,108

Feed the Herd for a day 

Rs. 1,200

Feed the Herd a feast 

Rs. 2,100

Protect handicapped cows

Rs. 3100

Total Medical Expenses (For One Month)

Rs. 5,000

Please Contact us about your donation.




#130, nelagulli village,off kanakpura road, bangalore south, bangalore  – 560082
karnataka, India
reg.no. BNG(U)-BSK/84/2009-10
CELL: 9483961088
PH: 8095910888

Save me, Please

Say NO to BEEF; Say no to hurting Cows ; Arise, Awake and Act!